The role, importance and effectiveness of IT application in teaching has been proven by domestic and foreign educational practices over the years, and it shows that the application of IT in teaching and learning is an inevitable trend of education. Innovation of ICT teaching method is a great topic of UNESCO and is given as a program of the 21st century.



Directive 29/2001 of the Minister of Education and Training also stated that:

“For education and training, information technology has a strong impact, which changes methods, methods of teaching and learning. Information technology is a tool to move towards to a learning society”




ICT 4.0 – Digital Student is a IT program for Primary, Secondary and High School that is issued by ICDL International. The book is compiled by leading IT experts, with the advice and appraisal of ICDL with more than 20 years of experience in the field of information technology education worldwide.



The set of books equips students with important computer knowledge and skills, for healthy learning and entertainment purposes. The whole program is a combination of three knowledge circuits: Computer Science (Computer Science), Information and Communication Technology and Digital Literacy, which fully meet all requirements in the latest information technology education program of the Ministry of Education and Training of Vietnam.
The E-learning system platform fully supports teaching and learning, attractive design, intuitive teaching methods, and high practice in order to arouse curiosity of students and their interest in using computer.


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