1.1. Regulations form, exam time

a) The type of test is clearly stated as a multiple choice test or objective question directly via a computer (test online).

b) Exam time: 45 minutes for 01 module.

1.2. Human resources considered exam

Be arranged before each exam and always ensure the following requirements:

Exam room must have 2 officers considered.
There are officers who properly supervise the examination / examining room in order to ensure the order of the examination area and the communication between exam rooms and the Quality Assurance Department of ICDL Vietnam.
1.3. Regulations on facilities, equipment of Testing Center

a) The examination room and functional rooms are sufficient to organize 20-30 candidates / exam or more.

The examination room must be well-lit, with tables, chairs, chalks or markers, tables or screens; There is a clock for all candidates to follow the test time; have a printer connected to the computer;
Security equipment such as a magnetic gate or a handheld device, to control contestants’ carrying of items into the examination room;
There is a working room of the Examination Council, with a chest, a locker or a safe, firmly locked to preserve the examination records.
b) IT system to ensure the organization of examinations on the machine

The local computer network (LAN) includes servers, workstations with high configurations, installed with operating system and software to run stably and meet the requirements of the examination; have a consolidated security device for the system, a line load balancer, a data backup device, a backup unit and a backup power source; internal network connection speed, Internet connection to ensure the operation on the computer;
The number of computers must ensure each candidate has a separate machine and the number of backup computers must reach at least 10% of the total number of candidates tested;

Having an online surveillance camera (camera) to ensure comprehensive coverage of the whole examination room throughout the examination period; Store exam images into the database of the center.
c) The examination area must ensure security, fire safety and fire and explosion requirements; There is a place to preserve the candidate’s belongings.

2. Examination process

2.1. Before the exam

a) The Superintendent receives drafts, personal account of each candidate from the Head of the Board of Examination or the person authorized by the Board of Examination; the examiner in the examination room signs the drafts and gives them to the candidates; Check power and the sealing of computers.

b) The supervisor must check the candidate’s identity. Identity can be Passport, ID card, membership card, driver’s license, or any other identification according to the certified administrative form; The supervisor must compare the candidate with a list and a copy of the candidate’s personal documents saved when he / she registered to take the exam. When there is a question of identity, the supervisor may take pictures of the candidate for future verification. The supervisor also needs to ask the candidate to sign the Candidate List.

c) The Superintendent must check the appropriateness of the examination room’s facilities and ensure that all computers for the test takers to function properly;

d) Arranging seats for candidates in the examination room to ensure the minimum distance between both horizontal and vertical rows between two contestants is 1200mm;

e) Software serving the examination must be installed and tested in environment beforehand and must not install any other software and documents;

f) The computers used for candidates can only be connected to the internal server (LAN) and not connected to the Internet.

g) At the entrance to the exam room, the internal rules of the examination room and other provisions related to the examination must be posted (if any); The proctor must explain the Test Procedures and Rules to the test takers before the test begins.

h) If the Superintendent finds any of the above criteria not met, it cannot be continued.

2.2. During the test

a) The Superintendent must be present during the examination and must ensure that all test takers fully understand and follow the test procedures and rules.

b) The proctor examines each candidate’s personal papers. When the supervisor feels that the correct candidate is attending as the list, he will unlock the software for the candidate to log in to take the test.

c) The proctor in the examination room strictly supervises the examination room, so that candidates may not exchange or dupe cards

d) In case it is necessary to let the candidates go outside the examination room, the examiner in the examination room only allows each candidate to go out and notify the supervisor outside the examination room for monitoring and supervision;

e) In case of any contestant who violates the examination regulations, the examiner in the examination room shall make a report and immediately report it to the Head of the Examination Committee for taking measures to handle it;

f) Supervisors outside the examination room shall supervise candidates and supervisors, technicians in the examination room in the area assigned by the Head of the Examination Committee; at the same time supervise and do not allow candidates to contact with any other people.

2.3. After finishing the test

At the end of the tests, the following Procedures must be followed:

a) The superintendent must ensure that all completed tests are archived for grading and then deleted from the computer.

b) The superintendent asks each candidate to review the results of his / her examination and sign for confirmation (with the support of a technician).

c) The examiner outside the examination room shall supervise and assist the supervisor in the examination room in keeping the order of the examination room in the area assigned by the Head of the Examination Committee.

d) The Testing Center must store and store the following information in a safe environment (for inspection by ICDL Vietnam and / or ECDL Foundation from time to time).

Superintendent’s full name;
Candidate information (full name, date of birth, gender, personal ID number, login account);
The test did;
Exam results;
Time and date of taking the test;
Program Framework version of the test.
e) The Certified Testing Center must notify the data and the results of each candidate’s tests to the Licensee by electronic or other means within seven (7). days since the exam results are available

f) The Certified Test Center should promptly inform the candidates of the test results.

g) Exam room camera data is retained for at least 12 months;

h) The supervisor must report important issues that arise (if any) during the test process to the Testing Center and the Testing Center report to ICDL Vietnam.


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