1. The candidate must take the exam in silence, on his own, without any kind of help and without any interruptions.
  2. The presence of mobile phones (or other electronic devices for communicating with the outside environment), notes, books or publications of any kind at the computer on which he is working is strictly prohibited.
  3. The candidate’s exam will be cancelled in the following cases:
    1. if he talks to other candidates or other persons present in the Test center exam room;
    2. if he disturbs other candidates by making a noise or any other kind of misconduct;
    3. if he copies from another candidate;
    4. if he reads teaching material or user manuals on the subject of the exam;
    5. if he uses a mobile phone or other electronic device for communicating with the outside environment;
    6. if he interrupts his test (for example, by turning off the PC without the Examiner’s authorization);
  4. During the exam, the candidate must not ask the Examiner for explanations of the contents or any questions about how to solve any of the problems proposed by the
  5. The only questions that a candidate may ask the Examiner are those concerning problems caused by a system failure.
  6. The candidates may only leave the Test center exam room during each individual test if accompanied by an Examiner. The candidate may take a short break between one exam and another and, in this case, may leave the room
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